What do I want?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I've been thinking about that in the last couple of days, especially since I've been harping on my weight instead of my improving levels of fitness, which is the actual goal here. And my levels are definitely improving -- not only are the increasing times and levels I'm doing on the bike and in the pool demonstrating that, but I'm starting to see definition in my forearms and calves that's thrilling me to the bone. Even my upper arms and thighs are changing shape, and while my trunk is always the last to show any changes, I think I'm starting to see a couple of hints of muscle buildup there, too. By the time the triathlon rolls around, I will (please God) be ready for it.

I will also still be considered obese by the medical community, since I probably won't be anywhere below 250 pounds by then (BMI? Can kiss my ass -- weightlifters are considered obese by BMI measurements, which tells you something about that particular measurement). But that's okay, because the goal here isn't to lose weight -- it's to put on muscle, extend my stamina, and be able to successfully compete in an indoor triathlon. Any weight loss is, to be honest, just a pleasant fringe benefit.

That being said, I would be lying if I said I didn't like the idea of eventually, maybe, being just the tiniest bit ripped. Not slender (I suspect that's genetically impossible, nor do I particularly want that body shape), but lean, strong and muscular, like, oh, Gabrielle Reece:

Now, can I achieve a shape like this in my mid-40s? I don't know, even with plastic surgery to take in the excess skin (although Becky Griggs has made it very clear that it's not impossible). But hell, if I could get at least within spitting distance of a shape like this, I would be thrilled out of my gourd.

But I'm not trying to pay much attention to that at the moment -- right now, the immediate goal is to perform a 10-minute swim and a 30-minute biking session consecutively. That's hella more important than looking nice in a tank top.