Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today we went out to Hoover Dam. Didn't take the indoor tour because we were carrying stuff too big for the security requirements, so we just walked around outside taking pictures and video for about 45 minutes. In 107 F temps. Yeah. Mind you, we brought plenty of water, but we were still a bit wrung out by the time we got back to the hotel, so my food intake isn't quite what it should have been.

But what the hell -- it's Vegas, baby.

WEIGHT: 310.4

FOOD FOR THE DAY: part of that lime-chipotle stark salad from yesterday, three eggs, a 6 oz. steak, a couple of forkfuls of hashed browns, a piece of white toast, a medium chocolate shake from DQ (won't apologize for it -- I was dying for something sweet and cold after we got off of the dam), 2 squares of Bellagio chocolate, a grilled chicken breast with cherry tomatoes, lettuce, Cole slaw and a piece of bread. Oh, and a banana strawberry coconut smoothies with breakfast. And it was all yummo.