Friday, August 13, 2010

Just did 30 minutes on the regular bike, and I would kill for a chamois. Up until now I've been using the reclining bike, but I figure I'll have to use a regular exercise cycle for the indoor triathlon, so I may as well suck it up and start riding on that.

And yes, my butt bones are killing me. But I still did a full 30 minutes and I can feel the difference in my legs from the reclining bike, so that kicks ass.

FOOD FOR THE DAY: A poppy seed bagel with cream cheese, a Thai chicken wrap, a large fruit cup (pineapple, melon, strawberry, no syrup), one banana, a chicken caesar salad with two chicken breasts and three teaspoons of Marie's caesar salad dressing, one helping of chocolate-covered espresso beans (I know, I know, but it's 120 calories and they're YUMMY), and four pieces of teriyaki beef jerky.