The plateau continues

Friday, August 20, 2010

Which really, REALLY means more protein and weights, plus a touch more water, methinks. I should have done weights last night, but I stalled at home (I discovered the SHERLOCK fanfic community on LiveJournal and got sucked in, dammit) and wound up only having enough time to cycle (although I did bump the cycling program up to level 6 for a couple of minutes, until the burn got to be too bad and I dialed it back to 5. Got off the bike and woo, I could feel those extra levels). Tonight, I'm getting to the gym by 10:00 PM at the very latest -- a full hour should give me enough time on the bike AND the iron.

Looking back on it, I'm not really surprised at the plateau -- this has been a very stressful week, and we all know the effects of stress on Melanie's cortisol levels. The fact that I haven't ballooned up a couple or five pounds from retained water is, frankly, amazing, as is the fact that I haven't dived face-first into a plate full of comfort food despite the temptation. And oh, boy, there was temptation.

But now it's the weekend in a half hour for me -- in addition to editing and maybe taking in a movie or two with the Bodacious Brit, there is housework and (if the weather isn't too horrendous) yardwork in my future, which should have a pleasant effect on my stamina.

WEIGHT: 308.6

FOOD FOR THE DAY: 2 SB meal bars, 3 large chunks of roasted chicken, a scoop each of tabouleh, hummus and potato chunks, 1 floret of roasted cauliflower, a small portion of Greek salad, 3 starlight mints, 1 liver sausage sandwich, 2 dill pickle spears, 1 Weight Watchers English toffee ice cream bar.