Holy Achilles bursa, Batman!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Okay, so last Saturday I used my Google-fu and found Run On!, a good running shoe store in Richardson with people who will evaluate your stride, measure your feet, fit proper shoes to you, et al. I headed over there and was somewhat surprised at the crowd gathered around the cash registers and the fitting area -- they actually had a sign-up sheet so that you'd get fitted in the order you arrived. Then again, the fact that they were slammed did seem to indicate that they knew what they were doing. So I signed in and got a nice woman named Joanna who studied my stride, decided that I was a moderate pronator with low arches, and brought out three pairs of walking shoes -- New Balance, Saucony, and Nike -- with arch support and side stabilizers.

After trying them all on and walking up and down the store, I decided that the Nike Air Structure Triax pair were the best fit -- they provided arch support without it becoming annoying, and the toe box was nice and roomy. After I picked them, she informed me with a grin that they were on sale for $50 -- "I usually don't tell folks what the shoes cost until after they pick a pair, because I don't want the price to affect their judgement, but you really lucked out here!" she said.

So I bought them, took them home, went for a walk and HOLY SHIT. No bursitis pain. WHATSOEVER. My calves ached a bit from suddenly being expected to work again, but it didn't feel like I was walking on ground glass anymore. Woohoo! I then got slammed with work this week so I haven't been as good as I should've been, but I just went out for a half hour walk and I feel fabulous! It's amazing how not being in pain will help with regards to exercise.

And I have to admit, rather shyly and in a very small voice, that tonight...I was tempted to run. Just for a short stretch. I didn't, partially because I didn't want to scare the locals and partially because I'd like to make sure that the bursitis is completely healed before I start putting that sort of strain on my Achilles tendon, but still -- me, running. Whoda thunk it?

Oh, I also had a pleasant little egoboo burst while trying on shoes -- after Joanna said that I had low arches, I explained that I was flatfooted as a child, and in fact wore orthopedic shoes as a toddler until I got fed up with them and started tossing them in the toilet (after the third toss, Mom decided that I could live with plain old gymshoes). Joanna laughed and said that it seemed like everyone was wearing orthopedic shoes in the 1970s.

Of course, I was wearing mine in the 1960's. Hee, hee, hee...

Saturday's total mileage: .94 miles. 489.99 miles to Isengard.
Tuesday's total mileage: .94 miles. 489.05 miles to Isengard.
Thursday's total mileage: 1.25 miles. 487.80 miles to Isengard.

Ha. You thought I was gone, didn't you?

Friday, June 20, 2008

No, I just had a rather severe problem with achilles bursitis that I needed to work on. According to my doctor, I'm supposed to ice it, take ibuprofen religiously, and go get a decent pair of walking shoes from somewhere where I can be fit properly.

I'm picking up the shoes this weekend, but last night I couldn't stand it anymore and went out for a walk. Only managed 22.5 minutes before I was limping again, dammit, but at least I was out there.

I've also added SAM-e as a supplement, not so much for weight loss as to offset the fact that I felt exhausted, depressed and my knees sound like popcorn. I'm now six days into the course and I have to say that I do see an improvement -- I'm not getting crackles in my knees and neck as badly, and I was able to get through a VERY stressful week without crashing. Now if I can just get my ankle working properly again, I'll be a happy camper.

Thursday's total mileage: .94 miles. 490.93 miles to Isengard.