Hee, hee, hee

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yeah, sorry about not posting very often here -- too many social media sites, and I get confused.

 That being said, I'm very happy to announce that I've lost 20 pounds and 5.75 inches off my neck, waist and hips since the beginning of the year. That's 38 pounds in total lost from my highest weight, and the scales currently sit at 286.6.

I'm sure other people would look at that in horror and say, "How can you ADMIT to that weight?" I can admit to it gleefully because I haven't SEEN it since 2005. I'm HAPPY about weight 286.6, because it's an improvement on 290, and 300, and 324 (I may well have to get that number tattooed on me somewhere when this is all over). And my measurements have also gone down accordingly, so I'm down to two pairs of "skinny" jeans that I can't fit into (yes, I have "skinny" clothes that I've kept in the hopes that I would eventually be able to fit into them again, and it is a righteous boost every time I put on a piece and it fits). When I get to 275, my big reward will be a minor clothes shopping extravaganza, because I really need shorts and there are some freaking gorgeous t-shirts out there these days.

Do other people do that? Reward themselves when they hit a weight loss goal? I've been going big things for every 50 pound mark (got a professional and MAGNIFICENT massage for 300. Clothes shopping is scheduled for 275, another massage for 250, more clothes at 225, and I want to take motorcycle riding lessons for 200).

Anyway, that's the state of Melanie. How have y'all been doing?