Exercise is coming along nicely

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I did my walk last night, and found out tonight while on a walk that the complex's weight room is open again in the evenings (you need to use your garage door opener to unlock the door -- this was broken, oh, seven years or so ago, and only fixed recently after someone broke in and stole the office's flatscreen TV).

Which makes Mellie very happy for two reasons. One, I know from experience that I can do all the aerobics in the world and I won't lose a frigging ounce. Add weightlifting to that, however, and the fat starts coming off (what can I say -- I'm 3/4 Eastern European. They breed women who can pull a plow after a bad winter where they had to eat the ox). Besides, I always feel better when I'm carrying serious muscle tissue around -- screw toning, I want to see bulges in all the right places.

Two, we close on the house a week from Monday, after which we have three weeks to do some serious painting and tile installation, not to mention moving over all the delicate/electronic stuff, all of which will be much easier to do with nominal muscle strength. As it is, I'm probably going to be utterly and completely wiped once we complete the move since I keep forgetting that I'm not 16 anymore. Still, I'm also not 70, so I should be able to do all this without toppling over with muscle spasms.

Thursday's total mileage: 1.25 miles. 484.05 miles to Isengard.
Friday's total mileage: 1 mile. 483.05 miles to Isengard.

No, really, I AM back this time

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What can I say -- the last month has been spent looking for a house, podcasting, dealing with assorted weather issues and other stuff. And I haven't been all that good about walking (bad Mellie, no biscuit), but that should be remedied now that --

-- ta-da! --

-- we're buying a house. We close on the 29th, move in on the 18th, and after that I'm leaving the freaking treadmill UP permanently so that I can hop on it any time I like, even after 10 PM, and do my walk. That is, if I have any energy after the renovations we're planning for the offices (walls need to be painted), master bath (walls need to be painted, carpet pulled up, a tile floor put down) and kitchen (cabinets need to be painted). Whee.

In other news, my consistently malfunctioning reproductive system is at it again, and while I'm waiting for the Crimson Tide to make its belated appearance (and there goes all my male readers) I'm having runs of PVCs (premature ventricular contractions, or as I refer to them, "heart hiccups") due to hormone fluctuations.

Yes, my doctor knows about them. No, the beta blockers he gives me don't work. Oddly enough, getting mildly hammered does, so I may indulge in a rare and precious mojito tonight. My body -- you know you want it.

And speaking of things to want, man, I really, REALLY want ice cream right now. Probably due to the hormone fluctuations as it's not something I normally crave, but a bowl of Tin Roof would really hit the spot.

Wednesday's total mileage: 1.25 miles. 485.30 miles to Isengard.