And it continues

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dropped another two pounds since my last post (yay!), but it should have been more by now (boo). However, I've also been slacking off on the nutrition, which explains much -- exercise is great, but you really need to eat good, healthy stuff as well if you want to make headway, and this has been one hella stressful month (the Crimson Tide didn't even make an appearance, and it's been showing up like clockwork for quite a while now). Things have finally calmed down some, so hopefully I can get back to seven hours of sleep a night and eating lots of protein, fruits and veggies.

In other news, had the toofers cleaned today -- apparently I haven't been slacking off that much on the flossing (the dentist told me to step it up, but didn't give me the Lecture(TM) I got at my last cleaning), and I'm going back in a couple of weeks to get fitted for Opalescence whitening trays. It's the first step in Project Let's Improve Mellie's Smile -- next is having the remaining three wisdom teeth yanked sometime in November, then in January I'm going in and getting Invisaligns, and if I have to finance the fuckers I will -- I'm tired of waiting to get my teeth straightened. Once everything is straight and white, I get Lumineers for the chipped front two upper teeth, and I will have my perfect smile, huzzah!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tired tired tired. I'm glad today's my rest day, because I really need a nap (had one hell of a time getting to bed last night -- stupid brain) and I think the bod needs a bit of a chance to kick back and do some necessary repairs. I did hit the gym last night, but I just wanted to pass out afterwards and couldn't because I had to go to Whole Foods and get food for the Boyz (because, you know, they're poor starving kittens and will just DIE if their food bowl goes empty for more than an hour).

The weight bounced up two pounds this morning, but that's not surprising -- I ate like a wild thing yesterday, plus I consumed a hella amount of sugar (trapped at my desk making changes to an executive training deck). Judging from the squishiness on my legs, the weight is just water, no biggie. And yet I was happy with how I looked this morning -- go figure.

Make that 14 pounds

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I was going to post and say that I've lost 12 pounds as of the beginning of July, but then I got on the scale this morning. Granted, I also slept late so that had something to do with it, but STILL.

14 pounds. Not a lot, compared to everything I still have to lose, but it's more than just a drop in the bucket. And the changes over the last two months have been significant:

  • I can now do a butt-to-the-heels squat. Not with any weight, mind you, but I've got plenty of built-in weight as it is so I'm not worried about that.
  • I went shopping at Fashion Bug last week to get some clothes for the LA trip. They have a proprietary size system for their jeans, so I automatically grabbed the largest size and tried them on. I swam in them. Went down a size, tried those on -- still too big. Went down ANOTHER size, and finally found the ones that fit just right. Weelah!
  • Muscle definition. I'm developing a rather nice set of traps, my deltoids are shyly making an appearance, and my forearms and calves are turning into things of muscled beauty. I have nice amounts of muscle growing in my thighs and upper arms, too -- they're just not as easy to see because of the padding. But if I make a muscle, man, you can feel it. As for the trunk, there's just so much padding there that it's hard to tell, but I THINK I'm making inroads -- I can do 60 ab crunches, and back hyperextensions are getting easier and easier.
  • Last night, I hit Legacy Books for some more research material, and jogged up the stairs to the Mezzanine. I've been going up stairs MUCH more easily these days (going down still hurts because of my Achilles bursitis, but I figure that will improve eventually).
  • I looked at the videocast I made from my first trip to LA, and then at the second one, and my face is noticeably slimmer in the second vcast. Hu-fucking-zzah!

So, this whole thing is actually working out rather well. I'm losing the weight slowly, which is frustrating but healthy, I'm not hungry, I'm getting stronger every day, and I need smaller clothes. This, my friends, is what would be called "all good."