Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tired tired tired. I'm glad today's my rest day, because I really need a nap (had one hell of a time getting to bed last night -- stupid brain) and I think the bod needs a bit of a chance to kick back and do some necessary repairs. I did hit the gym last night, but I just wanted to pass out afterwards and couldn't because I had to go to Whole Foods and get food for the Boyz (because, you know, they're poor starving kittens and will just DIE if their food bowl goes empty for more than an hour).

The weight bounced up two pounds this morning, but that's not surprising -- I ate like a wild thing yesterday, plus I consumed a hella amount of sugar (trapped at my desk making changes to an executive training deck). Judging from the squishiness on my legs, the weight is just water, no biggie. And yet I was happy with how I looked this morning -- go figure.