The Fiber, the Fiber...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Since this weekend is Viva Las Vegas, I'm pulling four 10-hour days to make up for Friday (since I'm a contract stormtrooper and don't get paid if I'm not at the Death Star). And since Mellie gets hungry if she stays at work late, she had a couple of brain cells fire in the right order this morning and grabbed a bag of apples and a couple of South Beach meal bars. This way, I won't be tempted to hit the vending machines during the long stretch of this evening, plus I get at least some fiber from the fruit.

Unfortunately, I'm also extremely tired right now because it's God's Own Hairdryer in the clavicle of Texas, and that's playing merry hell with the air quality. Our buildings are air-conditioned, of course, but we also have a Level Orange Air Pollution alert right now, which means that there's various particulates in the air -- pollen, mold, fuel fumes, alien sperm, I don't know what -- that are making it seriously unpleasant to breathe. As in, I woke up last night choking and had to go downstairs and sleep on the couch, and that didn't even really help. And I wasn't the only one -- my boss said he woke up from a nightmare and pretty much went into a panic attack from feeling like he couldn't breathe, and Lyndon's eyes were bright red this morning (he brought a bottle of Visine to my cubicle and asked me to work my magic, since he can't put drops in his own eyes because they automatically slam shut at the approach of the dropper. Even I have to grab his lids and pry the damn things open to get the Visine in there).

So yeah, Mellie is a little tired today, and isn't particularly looking foward to going to the gym tonight. But a triathlon waits for no woman, so go I will (cycling and weights tonight, I think), and I'm going to bring the flipcam with me and do another video, as I may be having some new visitors to this page fairly soon.

WEIGHT: 310.8 (unsurprising, since yesterday was my rest day and I had lemon chicken and a crispy spring roll for dinner last night during FutureClassics, and then a piece of corn on the cob and a potato chip before I hit the hay).

FOOD FOR THE DAY: Since I was running out the door yet again for work, I had a South Beach meal bar for breakfast, an apple as a mid-day snack, and a thai chicken wrap and caesar salad for lunch. I'll probably have another apple or two this afternoon, and a protein shake and a couple of artichokes when I get home -- mmm.