Somewhat bummed

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Over a bunch of little things, none of which I can really do anything about at the moment, but they're aggregating to a level that really aggravates me (and yes, I did that deliberately -- isn't it pretty?).

Of course, the Crimson Tide's habit of carbonating hormones isn't helping things any, nor is the fact that I drank a ton of water yesterday in an attempt to keep my throat wet and non-irritated (stupid allergies) and promptly added another pound as a result. It's water weight -- I KNOW it's water weight. It will come off on Thursday. But in the meantime it's like, "Really? I really need this now?"

Nonetheless, I hit the gym last night and did 40 minutes on the bike, so booyah for me, and tonight should be biking, weights and maybe a swim if the water cools off at all. I wish people actually read this so that someone would kinda slap me upside the head and say, "Oh, get over yourself, Mel -- you're sticking to the exercise and you're eating reasonably. Everything will be fine."

What I really a treat, something to look forward to (and work towards). Maybe a clothes spree once I hit 300? A day off? Must think about this a bit...

WEIGHT: 312.4

FOOD FOR THE DAY: A SB meal bar for breakfast, and three chunks of chicken, a scoop of roasted potato chunks, a scoop of tabouleh, a scoop of hummus, and two pieces of roasted cauliflower for lunch.