Well, lookee there!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Added weights to the workout last night, and all of a sudden le plateau c'est cracked. Granted, I also didn't get up until noon or so, but still.

And today is Cheat Day, so since I pretty much splurged at the Cheesecake Factory on their Crispy Chicken Sandwich (oh, God, I do believe I would eat Spam willingly if it was covered with chipotle mayo), I may wind up doing leg weights tonight as well as bumping up the bike program to 5. It's still bitching hot out there, so I'm going to skip the swimming until later this week when the temps are supposed to drop down into more bearable levels. I keep this up, and running won't be that far off -- whee!

WEIGHT: 307.6

FOOD FOR THE DAY: 3 pieces of French bread with butter, a crispy coated chicken breast, chipotle mayo, french fries, a grande nonfat Starbucks mocha frappuccino with a shot of hazelnut, 1 liver sausage sandwich, 2 dill pickle slices.