The morning after

Friday, August 13, 2010

My ass is still complaining about the bike ride last night, but my legs feel amazing. One of the cool things about regular exercise is that it sucks donkey gonads when you start doing it (and yeah, it continues to suck when you're tired, stressed or just not in the mood to get to the gym), but once you settle into a routine, you really do get this burst of endorphins that make you feel damn good about yourself. You may be dripping sweat and aching in places you never thought you'd ache directly after the exercise, but there's this sneaky little internal cheer of "Hell yeah -- go me!" that makes you grin even as you limp to the shower.

WEIGHT: 309.8

FOOD FOR THE DAY: 3/4 of a caesar salad and 3/4 of an 8" pepperoni pan pizza (team-building lunch, so I figured what the hell, and I STILL couldn't finish the damn pizza), 1 bag of light butter popcorn, 1 peanut butter sandwich, 1 oz. Hotch chili con queso popcorn, 1 Weight Watchers English toffee crunch ice cream bar.