In the arms of Morpheus (no, not Laurence Fishburne)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Bodacious Brit came by my desk today, as he often does, and said, "After we get back from Vegas, how about we have someone come and clean the ductwork? Because I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been beaten."

I said it sounded like a plan to me, especially since the guy across the street runs a company that does this (I'm all about supporting my local folks) and God knows when, if ever, the ducts have been cleaned in this place. I do know that we get horrendous amounts of dust in the bedroom, to the point where I just can't sleep up there because I feel like I'm choking. (Yes, I vacuum. Yes, we have filters on the air intake systems -- the expensive HEPA ones, not the cheap-ass plastic foam and cardboard filters. Doesn't matter -- we still wind up with a shitload of dust.) We have a big, high-quality HEPA air filter next to the bed, and even that doesn't really help during times like this when the temps go up and the air quality goes all to hell.

So I did a little research -- the EPA says getting a professional duct cleaning job will run anywhere from $450 to $1000 for a 3-4 bedroom house, and should last 4-6 hours. Apparently there are a lot of cleaning scams out there, so I want to make sure that what's negotiated up-front will match what we're paying for. It's a bit pricey, but the end result should be much-improved sleeping conditions for the both of us, which is always a good thing.