Slight change in plans

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

As I was about to fall asleep on my keyboard, I went home early and took a badly needed nap, then woke up and got the boys their Organix Indoor Feline food, then realized I was ferociously hungry, despite eating two apples and another SB bar in the afternoon. So dinner was a peanut butter sandwich on sugar-free whole wheat bread and a 1 oz. serving of this amazingly yummy hatch chili con queso popcorn I found at Whole Paycheck.

Which means the food intake in total today was:

2 SB meal bars - 420 cal
3 apples - 216 cal
1 thai chicken wrap - 610 cal
1 small caesar salad - 363 cal
1 PB sandwich - 258 cal
1 oz serving of hatch chili con queso popcorn - 110 cal

2,047 calories. A little low (seriously -- I should be eating around 2,480 calories a day right now), but adequate. I may have some yogurt when I get back from the gym, who knows.