No bikee -- swimee!

Monday, July 19, 2010

No, I'm not dead. But there didn't seem to be any point to posting, "Got up, went into work, came home, did shit around the house, went to bed" over and over again. Yeah, it's been something of a fallow few months, but I'm back on the horse now.

Or, more accurately, bike. Yeah, I'm biking these days, kind of in honor of the Tour de France but also because it uses up more energy than just walking (and God knows me running at the moment probably wouldn't be the greatest of ideas). At the moment I'm up to 40 minutes on the bike (gym bike, not out on the roads), with an average of 8.2 miles per ride. If I can keep this up (please God), I want to take my Swedish bike into one of the local shops, get it overhauled, and see about taking it out on some of the bike paths around here once the weather gets back down into reasonable temps (aka not God's Own Hairdryer).

That being said, I decided I wasn't up to biking tonight -- so I swam 25 laps instead. Phoo, there's nothing quite like diving into a blood-warm pool.