Thursday, July 22, 2010

In this case, up, to 310. Not unusual -- my sleep cycle has been for shit since Monday, and when I can't sleep my cortisol levels go absolutely gonzo and I swell up like the Michelin Man. Last night was the first one where I got something akin to 7 hours of sleep (interrupted once when I had to go to the bathroom -- the Black & White Idiot heard me and decided to headbutt the bedroom door for a good five minutes until he realized I wasn't letting him in) -- another night like that and my metabolism should settle down.

Nonetheless, it's annoying because it means that, barring a sudden GI virus, I won't meet my goal weight for my birthday. I really, really, REALLY wanted to be under 300 -- and yeah, I know that was kind of wishful thinking, but still. I may have to settle for being under 305, which is still damn good. I think the lowest I've been since we started using the electronic scale was 307.

Never mind. I just have to keep swimming and cycling, throwing the iron around, and eating reasonably. Things will resolve themselves in their own time, right?