Musing over dinner

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Since breakfast was a roast beef sandwich with baked chips at Potbelly's (I was watching Theresa and Tony perform) and lunch was a peanut butter sandwich and a bowl of lower sugar oatmeal (yeah, yeah, I know about steelcut oats -- they taste like snot), I'm not hungry at the moment so this is a good time to hit the store and pick up the fixings for dinner. So -- something tasty, something healthy, but something that's not going to heat up the kitchen too badly (because it's freaking hot out there). Chicken breasts and veggies? I may well hit Whole Paycheck and pick up something I can toss on the grill.

Oh, and as of this morning -- 311.2. Whatever. Tonight is also a straight cardio night, so I may bike for 30 and then swim.

LATER: dinner was a grilled chicken breast, grilled zucchini with onions and garlic, two cobs of fresh grilled corn, and a Weight Watchers English Toffee Crunch bar. Mmm...