Oy, lunch

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So we have this little cafeteria at work where you can get sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and salads. The salads are kept in these little tubs -- you tell the counter person what you want, and they scoop some into a styrofoam cup (large or small, depending on your choice).

And the salads look good, I admit that. Luscious chunks of red tomato, gleaming green broccoli, purple and white onion, leafy green stuff, all of it glistening under a light coating of dressing. And then you get a cup of it, and you take it upstairs and try a forkful...and it tastes like plastic. And I don't mean, "Hmm, there's an aftertaste here" -- I'm talking, "Was this produced in China for display use only?"

Which makes obtaining lunch a bit of a challenge. I mean, sure, I could bring stuff in from home, but that would require planning and forethought and...and...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *wipes a tear away* I kill myself sometimes, I really do. The second option is to go out and forage for a decent lunch somewhere else, but since I loathe fighting crowds and usually try to eat before or after the noon rush hour, I lose my decent parking space in the lot. I may even have to park in *gasp* the satellite lot across the street. Horrors.

(Which is a problem how, my inner trainer asks, especially since it means you have to walk for a couple of extra minutes? Hey, I never said I was sensible, okay? And frankly, when I'm fresh out of the Death Star the last thing I want to do is slog an additional two minutes through God's Own Hair Dryer.)

Or I suck it up and eat the plastic. *sigh* Nobody ever said eating healthily was going to be easy.