Oh, dear Jesus

Friday, September 17, 2010

Why am I allergic to being a female? My period comes, and I load up enough water to survive a trek across the Sahara. My fertile period shows up, and I swell like a balloon. You do not want to know what my feet look like right now. I swear to God I was supposed to be a guy, and something went seriously wrong along the way...

WEIGHT: 311.6

FOOD FOR THE DAY: 2 slices of sugar-free whole wheat bread, 2 tbs of hummus, Thai chicken wrap, 1 sm cup cucumber/tomato salad, 1 lg cup fruit salad, sweet and sour shrimp/chicken, noodles, egg drop soup, sesame chicken, barbecue chicken, 1 chicken roll, 1 sm cup tapioca, 2 almond cookies, 1 liver sausage sandwich.


RambleRedhead said...

Wish you the best on your weight loss!!!

Debster said...

I feel your pain, Melanie. I hate being a fertile female. And hate the bloat that comes with that "special time" of the month.

I second Ramble's wishes to you.