Friday, September 10, 2010

I've gotten sucked into fiction creation this week in a big bad way, so I've been bad about posting (and going to the gym, to be honest -- that has to stop tomorrow). I did try to swim tonight, but the pool water was freaking cold. I'll probably need to start turning on the heater for an hour in the evenings, now.

Interestingly, the aversion to fast food seems to be continuing -- we had a horrendous rainstorm yesterday so I didn't feel like leaving the building for lunch, and when I got down to the cafeteria I could smell hamburgers, so I thought I'd try one. Blech. Mediocre meat, wilted produce, overtoasted bun. Even the fries were just kind of nasty. Today I had my usual chicken Thai wrap with a small cucumber/tomato/onion salad and large fruit cup for dessert, which was much better. Mind you, I still adore Five Guys hamburgers and fries, so I think it's not so much a growing distaste for burgers and fries as it is for *mediocre* burgers and fries. Which is not a bad thing, if you think about it.

I think I'm doing sushi for lunch tomorrow.

WEIGHT: 307.8

FOOD FOR THE DAY: 2 SB meal bars, one chicken Thai wrap, a small cup of cucumber/tomato salad, a large cup of cut fruit, 1 peanut butter sandwich, 1 oz. of Hotch chili con queso popcorn, 1 sugar free strawberry Jello cup.