It's a glorious day out there

Saturday, September 4, 2010

And as soon as I'm sure this kind of weather is going to last, I'm taking the bike in for an overhaul and getting it out on the bike paths. Woohoo!

More weights last night in addition to 30 minutes on the bike, and I made a discovery -- this whole eating healthily lark has pretty much ruined fast food for me. I was absolutely starving yesterday morning and didn't have time to wait for something cooked, so I grabbed a bag of Doritos to add to my bagel. And they were horribly salty, with an unpleasantly dry, cardboardy consistency and just generally yucky. Last night, I was hungry after my workout so I figured what the hell, I'll grab a medium serving of french fries from Burger King when I get my treat Diet Coke (yeah, yeah, I know -- I still want it, so suck it). And the fries tasted moderately rancid, overly salted once again and generally cruddy.

The hell? Am I going vegetarian next?

WEIGHT: 306.2

FOOD FOR YESTERDAY: 1 poppy seed bagel with regular cream cheese, 1 sm bag Doritos, 1 avocado roll, 1 spider roll, 2 pcs cooked shrimp sushi, 2 pcs cooked egg sushi, 2 Weight Watchers ice cream bars, 1 peanut butter sandwich, 1 small portion of fries, 1 cup sugar free jello.

FOOD FOR THIS DAY: A variety of sushi (Osaka), half a medium bag of popcorn (the movies, shared with Lyndon), grilled whitefish with lump crabmeat and hollandaise sauce, a handful of french fries (Ralph and Kacoo's), 1 Weight Watchers toffee ice cream bar.