I'm gonna live!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yesterday the doorbell rang -- it was my neighbor from down the street, who had received the blood test results from my doc (this is normal for my neighborhood -- we routinely get other people's mail, and I just redeliver it). Slightly nervous, I opened the envelope and read the results.

Ta da! No diabetes, no cancer, no infections or any kind, no liver or kidney problems, heart's in good shape, and I just need to work on my bad cholesterol which is slightly elevated (watching fats and weightlifting will fix that, and my good cholesterol is at a nice level). Dr. Allen added a note saying that the labs were all good, asking how I was feeling, and offering to prescribe a diuretic if I felt I needed it (we have a very good working relationship, and he knows I won't ask for something unless I feel it's necessary).

I need to let him know what happened now that I'm on the name brand Synthroid. Who knew that something as simple as dumping a generic would have such a massive effect? Phoo.

Also, I'm now up to 40 laps. Go me!


Walt said...

Amazing, Mellie!!! How happy were you to read those results? I'm thrilled reading them myself. As for the bad cholesterol, my doctor had me on niacin, which is supposed to help bring it down, but me being me, it raised it. I took matters in my own hands and did the Cheerios thingie. I figured, what do I have to lose? I eat one cup when I get to work and one cup with it's morning break time and I've reduced my cholesterol from just above where it should be to waaaaay below the danger zone.

Melanie said...

Good for you! I'm doing the oatmeal thing, plus niacin, and apparently now that my thyroid meds are balanced out that should also help with the LDL cholesterol. It just blows my mind that changing one medicine from generic to name brand could have such a marked effect.