35 laps -- go me!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And the Triffid is now sporting one rather odd tuft but is otherwise completely trimmed back. Now I have to work on the bush next to it (I have no idea what it's called -- it has very long grassy green leaves with yellow stripes and sprouts tall bushy sticks by mid-summer) and get that culled back.

Still no word on the blood tests. Dunno if that's good or bad. I do know that it's been a week since I started taking the name brand Synthroid and all of a sudden I'm getting work done around the house, I'm swimming every night, I'm gardening out back and making sure the lawn is watered, I cleaned the patio area so that we can barbeque on Friday, and I plan on spending this weekend getting the bedroom and master bath whipped into shape. Two weeks ago I was lucky if I could haul my ass upstairs to record a podcast. You can't tell me that generic Synthroid and the name brand stuff are bioequivalent.