Still waiting for those blood test results

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Which is a little worry-making, considering that I've always gotten them back within a week before. Yah...

But there does seem to be a difference with the brand name Synthroid. I'm not nearly as tired (the Triffid out back is almost cut down to size, I've got the bulk of the offcuts bagged and ready for the brush pickup, and I just cleaned the patio area in preparation for this weekend. I think I've been possessed by Martha Stewart), my head's a lot clearer, and Thumper has been behaving itself more reasonably (I'm still getting the occasional heart hiccup, but I'm also entertaining the Crimson Tide and that's the usual time for them)

Plus I'm still doing 31 laps a night, and I'm debating going to the gym tonight and hitting the iron. On one hand it would be a good thing, and then I could just come home and jump in the pool. On the other hand I still have to edit the podcast, and doing some of my own writing might be a nice thing. We shall see.