Okay, so I have this pool...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Which I'd kinda forgotten about until Friday, when I was massaging my aching Achilles bursa and wondering how I was going to get some aerobics in. And then I remembered, "Oh, yeah, that big blue thing in the ground out back -- that could help."

So I've been doing laps. Admittedly it's only been since Friday, but oh dear God I can feel the muscle use all over because everything pretty much HURTS until I down three ibuprofen and wait for them to kick in. Which is good for me, right?

Of course right. And the nice thing about the pool being in my own back yard is that I can toss on my bathing suit and not give a rat's ass if my legs are shaved or not because nobody can see into our back yard (well, except for one house across the street and maybe the next door neighbors, but only if we have the lights on).

Add this to the walking I did last weekend at WDW and there's been definite improvement in my leg muscles. Now if the pain will just go away...