Some things I've noticed

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I have now been doing the walking thing for (checks calendar) 13 days, now. So far, I have noticed the following:

  • It's easier for me to get up from the couch -- no more steeling myself for the flare of agony in my knees.

  • I can see definition in my calves, and some in my thighs.

  • It's easier for me to get to sleep.

  • We've already talked about the increasing sex drive.

  • The tummy has deflated the tiniest bit.

  • So has the butt. I no longer look like I'm either a duck or 9 months' pregnant from the side.

  • I got dressed for a job interview this morning, and wound up pulling up the dress pants without having to unbutton them.

  • When I cuddled with Lyndon this evening, I didn't immediately think, "Eeeee! He's touching my fat!" In fact, it was downright comfy and sensual. Yay!

So, no huge change in size, but there are definitely some benefits to all this cardio that are making themselves known. That's hot.

Tuesday's total mileage: 523.72 miles to Isengard.


Walt said...

You go!!

Melanie said...

I'm trying, buddy boy.