Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The title, by the way, is the closest I can come to the Psycho theme, which accurately reflects how I've been feeling today (well, that and this comic).

I can always tell when the Crimson Tide is about to make its grand appearance -- I start sloshing with retained water because my electrolytes are bouncing all over the place, and my temper turns homicidal. I should have done a stockup at Kroger this afternoon, but I took one look at the jammed parking lot and turned around. If I had to wade through that crowd, blood would have been spilt.

The exercise helps, of course. Still, I would give a pretty penny for a five day dose of Celebrex and a quart of Blue Bell Tin Roof ice cream. And maybe a good old fashioned bloodbath with lots of swordswomen. Yeah.

Monday's total mileage: 1.32 miles. 502.08 miles to Isengard.


[LaLa] Lauren said...

Hey, I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think you are! I heard about your weight loss journey on WMBYS. I just subscribed to your blog, and I'll start listening to your 'cast! I'm all about a healthy lifestyle and going to the gym. Not only does it help you out physically, but mentally as well, and that can be just as rewarding. Go girl!!

Melanie said...

Merci beaucoup! And yup, "journey" is an excellent way to describe it!