Monday, April 14, 2008

Which is how I'm feeling, thanks to all the freaking tree sex going on out there and my sinuses going completely apeshit. What I really, REALLY want to do is crawl into bed and hibernate until September.

What I did anyway is haul my ass out to Stonebriar to order a new pair of glasses (my left earpiece snapped off yesterday, and I have rimless glasses so there's almost no way to fix this. Did I mention that I have a job interview tomorrow? Fabulous...), pick up some new tank shells for interview purposes, do laundry, and go out there into the vegetative smegma and get my walk in for today. At least I had a new episode of We're Mean Because You're Stupid to keep me company, she said, giving The QCast Connection a meaningful look.

Monday's total mileage: 513.94 miles to Isengard.


Taffy said...

So darling... You have joined in the fight...I am so proud!!!! I know you listen to PIMC so you are aware of my 10 month battle with weight lose. God please, we need to talk!!!!! I am going to be posting pics soon on our blog, but I have to tell you, RESPECT that is the name of the game for people who try to lose weight!!!! Walking my dog turned into a personal contest. "I made it in 15 minutes last night, so tonight I can do it in 12" If you ever want to chat (vent) please don't hesitate to email me, PODISMYCOPILOT@GMAIL.COM
Good luck!!

Melanie said...

I have been inspired -- INSPIRED, I say -- by y'all. Now if my damn Achilles bursa would just stop hurting, life would be grand.

Walt said...

Getting old sucks balls. I swear that last year, it seemed like every step I took to improve myself directly led to another part of me falling apart. It goes with the territory.

Hey, Taffy and I should make a Mel sandwich. It was be delicious!!

Melanie said...

Sweetie, it's a lovely idea, but you'd be dead within minutes from exhaustion. Besides, the majesty of our combined ta-tas would put an untenable strain on the fabric of local space-time.