Okay, that wasn't smart

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I wore an old pair of dress shoes to a job interview today. The shoes have absolutely no support whatsoever; as a result of spending a couple of hours in them this morning and afternoon, my feet are screaming imprecations at me and threatening to have Tony Soprano break my kneecaps. How that's going to help them, I have no idea -- they're not really au fait with the whole nervous and circulatory system dealie.

Yeah, so, I think I will be hitting the shoe stores tomorrow and see if I can find any decent flats with some sort of arch support. I have slip-in supports, of course, but if the shoes are fairly low as flats usually are, the supports lift my feet just enough so that the backs rub hell out of my heels. Damn, but I miss my nice Dr. Scholl Mary-Janes.

I know this must be fascinating. I'll shut up now about the shoes.

The actual workout, however, was good and assisted in dispelling some free-floating irritation about various things that I can't talk about because this is a public site. You know the drill. Plus it's warm, windy and smells fantastic out here in the clavicle of Texas, so walking around in the heavy weather helped soothe my savage breast(s).


Down, girls.

Thursday's total mileage: 522.38 miles to Isengard.


Walt said...

I stopped into DSW today to see if they had any Converse All-Stars on the clearance rack. Thankfully they didn't because Ken would have killed me if I walked in with another pair. And they have no support whatsover in them, but I'm wearing them more again. Since getting one of my neuromas taken care of, they don't hurt me anymore. I'm tickled pink!

Melanie said...

That's fabulous! I didn't go shoe shopping because of the Creeping Crud, but I'm hoping to find something I can walk in without crying.