I R Sick

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm assuming this is the same thing the Bodacious Brit had last week -- general achiness, tired all the time, sore throat, congestion up the wazoo.

So I slept for the bulk of the day, indulged in some junk food for dinner, then walked. Mainly because I hadn't walked for the last two days, and sick or not I didn't want to make it three. I know you're not supposed to work out extensively if you're sick, so I figured I could set up the treadmill and amble along for twenty minutes or so, just to see how well I could handle it.

Turned out I handled it fairly well. Having a squeezie of water to wash away the gunk in my throat helped. And after I sat down for a twenty minute break, I felt like I could do a little more, so I ambled along for another twenty minutes, which got me my 40 minutes for the day. I didn't go quite as far as I usually do because of the ambling, but that's okay -- the whole "Walking to Bag End" thing is cumulative, not "I HAVE to walk X miles every day or the world will end!"

I also tried something different while walking. Various people around the blogosphere are turning their iPods on shuffle and listing the first twelve songs that pop up, so this is what happens when I do it to mine:

1) Maria Maria - Santana
2) Come Out of the Closet - Eric Schwartz
3) Crawl - Think of England
4) The Flower of Carnage - Meiko Kaji
5) Fun and Games - Barenaked Ladies
6) Hey Mama - Black Eyed Peas
7) Plainsong - The Cure
8) The Right Time - The Corrs
9) Life Is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back - Meatloaf
10) Deeper Understanding - Kate Bush
11) Venus As a Boy - Bjork
12) The Rhythm of the Heat - Peter Gabriel

For some reason, Venus As a Boy always makes me think about jumping Sam Neill. I have no idea why. But I digress.

I've kept the iPod on shuffle all night, and it's been kinda fun to listen to what comes up next. I'd totally forgotten that I had certain albums -- I need to listen to those more often.

Sunday's total mileage: 521.21 miles to Isengard.


Walt said...

But what song doesn't make you think of jumping Sam Neill?

Melanie said...

"You're a Mean One, Mister Grinch" doesn't cause that reaction. Much.