Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am a happy podcast-listening walker! Not only did We're Mean Because You're Stupid post a new ep yesterday, not only did the QCast Connection post a new episode today, but so did Pod Is My Copilot in time for tonight's walk, and Taylor the Latte Boy said the sweetest things about my phone calls to other podcasts! I love me some Taylor, Taffy and Rodan (and Walt, Nessa and Holly. And Michael, Mister Bee and British John. Oh, hell, I love you all).

Unfortunately, I only did 30 minutes tonight because I did my back, which now feels like I got punched right between the shoulder blades. As a result, walking upright was sorta painful. Yes, I am falling apart at a rate of knots, people -- pretty soon, the Bodacious Brit will have to take my Zimmer frame in and have it pimped.

On the plus side, the legs are starting to show even more signs of muscle development, and I figure I'm about two weeks away from fitting comfortably into the jeans I haven't been able to wear for a year or so (I can get them ON now, mind you, but there is serious muffin toppage when I do and that shit ain't right). So that's all good.

Tuesday's total mileage: 512.69 miles to Isengard.


Walt said...

I did a half hour walk at lunch today and then an hour walk home from work. Why? Instead of eating my normal lunch, I ate brownies for lunch. Many brownies. I'm such a pig.

Melanie said...

But you walked for an hour and a half, which counteracts the brownies. It's a scientific fact!