Saturday, August 22, 2009

Okay, first off, downward motion HAS resumed, so that's a lovely thing to see.

Secondly, I stopped off at one of my favorite restaurants today to grab a quick lunch. I haven't been there in awhile due to Life Stuff(TM), so the hostess chatted with me for a bit while we headed to my usual table, then she looked at me closely and said, "You look good -- have you lost weight?"

Ohyeah. She is the first person to say that to me since June. The Bodacious Brit, bless his heart, simply doesn't notice things like that (which I suppose I should be grateful for), and while I can see the difference in the mirror, it's still nice to get outside confirmation that there have indeed been topographical changes and I'm not just imagining things.

Onward and downward!