This cracked

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It helps if you imagine me saying that in a Zelda Rabinowitz-like voice. Anyway, got on the scale this morning and I dipped a whole .8 of a pound below the lowest I've been since I started working out, so I take it to mean that I've leveled off to some degree on the muscle mass gain. I'll get more, of course, but I think I've pretty much stopped evenly trading off fat pounds for muscle pounds, which is good because it means I have a significant amount of energy-hungry muscle tissue now.

I'm boring you, aren't I? Never mind -- it's all good. And it probably helped that I spent most of yesterday disimpacting my office and reorganizing my closet, because I was on my feet and sweating for a good 6 hours or so, plus I now have a lovely office in which to work.

Next up -- the upstairs bathroom, and I think I'm gonna vacuum the stairs and wash the bedding. And write. And practice my viola. And work on some graphics for the day job. And work out with Stretch at 9 tonight. *blink*blink* This IS the weekend, right?