Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ouch. Was doing a set of inverse fly reps (where you bend over and lift dumbbells through the transverse plane -- it works your posterior deltoid, and I'm trying to hit each deltoid head on my Pull nights) and somehow tripped over the chair that I was kneeling on. I wound up throwing a weight across the room as I wobbled for balance, and whacked the inside of my leg right below my knee a good one. Stretch asked if I was all right, and I told her that it took YEARS of practice to achieve that level of grace. Hmmph.

Oh, and the area below the knee is now swollen and the bruising is already coming up, and I did something interesting to the side of my opposite foot so now I'm hobbling around like a Serbian grandmother. Fabulous.

On the up side, I can see the veins along the outside of my arm, now. They don't stick out or anything, but they're clearly visible beneath the skin. And I could be wrong but I thought I saw a brief flash of jawline tonight, as if it were waving at me saying, "I'm here! I know it's hard to see me, but I'm here!" I'm tempted to go jump in the pool for a bit -- that can help with bruising -- but I also have a shitload of writing that I'd really like to get done tonight, plus my bitch harpy of a Muse just dropped ANOTHER novel idea on my head, and I have to jot it down. You know you want my life.