In Montreal

Saturday, August 8, 2009

For Worldcon, and my dogs are barking after only one day. Nonetheless, I did a fair amount of walking back and forth to the Palais de Congress for the actual con, got footage of me reading "Lusts of the Cat Queen: A Dash Manning Adventure," actually had people come up and ask for my signature at the signing, got back to the hotel and took a very necessary nap (did NOT sleep very well last night due to paltry pillows -- got extras for tonight), then got up, lifted weights in the frankly pathetic hotel weight room, and walked over to the Old Port for dinner with friends. Said walk included two moderate hill climbs -- yes, I puffed like Thomas the Tank Engine, but only because I was keeping up with the three rapid walkers in my party.

All in all, I'd say I put in maybe an hour's worth of walking today, plus the weights, so while I don't think I stayed within my caloric limit I didn't go TOO badly over, and at least I moved my ass in appropriate ways. And now, shower and bed before I have to get up at Oh Dark Thirty for the flight tomorrow. Whee.