I love neoprene

Thursday, March 27, 2008

No, not in a kinky way, you pervs. I love neoprene because it makes great joint supports.

See, my right ankle, specifically the Achilles tendon, has been hurting for the last couple of weeks or so. I suspect it's a strain injury rather than a detachment as I can still do various movements that require the muscles to be attached, but it still hurts, and last night I got maybe three hours of sleep between the throbbing pain in my ankle and the stress pains in my right knee.

This tells me two things. Number one, much as I love them, I need to throw away the Dr. Scholl's Mary Janes because they are simply worn out and aren't fixing my tendency to supination anymore, and are probably contributing to the pain. Number two, wrapping the knee and wearing an ankle support with a hole cut out to relieve pressure on the heel bursa is a damn good idea.

And icing couldn't hurt.

Thursday's total mileage: 529 miles to Isengard.