Still cranky, but...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Down another two pounds. Granted, I can see the bones in my feet again and can't press half-inch divots along my shinbone anymore so the bulk of that is water, but hey, getting rid of that much water is a GOOD thing.

Breakfast: a cup of low carb yogurt. Got to think about lunch. Shit I will be doing today because my sister and her kids are arriving on Wednesday and this place looks like Metallica has been camping out here:

  • Clean out the downstairs bathroom (vacuum and scrub floor, clean sink and mirror, scrub shower enclosure, empty and scrub out litter tray (with a different scrubber))
  • Clean kitchen (bag and bin the 15 million pounds of recyclables we have, sort out all the crap on the countertops and put it all away or throw it out, put clean dishes away, put dirty dishes in dishwasher, scrub down countertops, dust chair rail and window frames, tell Lyndon to shift his damn leather sewing machine somewhere else an clean up puddle of spilled oil underneath it, vacuum and mop/scrub floor)
  • Clean living room (sort and put away various craft projects, put away DVD boxes, move cat tree to better location, dust everything, wash sofa and futon covers, vacuum La-Z-Boy, vacuum carpet, spot-clean places where cats have hurled on the rug)

If I have time and energy after that, I may work on the side flowerbed and get that weeded. If not, I will put together the tax paperwork for delivery to the accountants on Monday.