Yes, I'm back

Sunday, April 12, 2009

And Mellie has fallen in love once again with the iron, thanks to a very, very nice 24/7 gym down the street from our house. I can go down there at 11:00 PM when it's effectively deserted and grunt my heart out while I lift weights and make faces at myself in the mirrored walls. I posted on Twitter that lifting weights can be better than sex, and it's true -- afterwards I'm sweaty, exhausted, full of endorphins and am inordinately pleased with myself. And I don't care who makes fun of me for that opinion, so there, nyah.

There's only one eensy problem with lifting weights -- well, with lifting weights and being in my 40s. Namely, it brings the nominal amounts of naturally occurring testosterone in my system to the fore, and, well...let's just say that I have much more sympathy for teenage boys, because if they're this horny I'm amazed they can walk in a straight line. I'm serious -- this shit is DISTRACTING.