Just charming

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last week, we got notices from our credit union that we could apply for term life insurance through them. Since our life insurance ended with my contract, and since if (God forbid) anything happens to Lyndon I'm sort of screwed, I signed us both up for the insurance.

Got two letters and a packet today. The packet contains details about the insurance policy -- for Lyndon. Apparently I'm too fat to be eligible for term life insurance, despite the fact that I exercise regularly, have normal BP, heart rate, A1C numbers and cholesterol, and in general am pretty damned healthy.

I have never been turned down for term life insurance before in my life, so fuck you, CUNA. I'm going with AAA for life insurance, and you can kiss my fat white ass.


Ben said...

Ugh Insurance companies - if they aren't the bowels of capitalism I don't know what are. Oh wait - bankers!

Melanie said...

Thanks, Ben. I was more irritated than hurt -- I can get term life insurance when I go back to work. The important thing is that we got Lyndon covered, so that's something.