The House: Mudding and Priming is Done

Saturday, October 11, 2008

And would've been done on Tuesday, had I not contracted a majorly unpleasant bug from Lyndon (who told me upon returning from Atlanta that he didn't want to worry me but he'd felt dreadful over the weekend and up until Tuesday, whereupon he landed in Atlanta and felt 100% better. I then listed my symptoms to him and he said, "Oh, yeah, that's how I felt!" Ah...) which pretty much kept me off ladders since Tuesday. As I felt better Thursday evening, however, I went over and finished the last of the mudding -- and judging from the amount of powder I raised from sanding the hallway walls, the immediate purchase of a Shop-Vac would be a goodness indeed.

Yesterday and today was priming, well, pretty much everything. I suspect that raising my arms tomorrow will be something of an adventure, and when I came home Lyndon said, "Darling, you have a big stripe of paint on your face that makes you look like Adam Ant." And lo, I did -- it was even in the right direction. Of course I didn't have the frock coat, boots or groupies, but I did warble a line or two from "Kings of the Wild Frontier."

Tomorrow I need to give the ceiling another coat, and then it's time to apply the texture paint. Weelah! And to make things even better, our new bookcases arrived so Lyndon picked them up -- next weekend, I stain and varnish them. Seeing as we've decided we need to paint the bathroom cabinets and doors as well (they're a dingy cream that just isn't going to go with the blue and white), I see a HVLP sprayer in my immediate future, yes I do.


Walt said...

Sounds like you're progressing very nicely, sickness or not. What's the time frame for the touch ups before moving in?