The House: I am a Golden Goddess of Drywall

Monday, October 6, 2008

Considering that the last time I did any mudding was, oh, 15.5 years ago, the skill set came back remarkably quickly. In four hours I was able to get the top half of the hallway smoothly mudded, and patched a bunch of areas around the bathroom. With luck and a tailwind I should finish all the mudding tomorrow night, and then we can primer the crap out of it, put the textured paint on and the topcoat.

And THEN we get to tile. Whee!!!

In the meantime, the Bodacious Brit keeps asking when we'll start painting the master bath. Granted, he's not being pushy so much as wanting to know when I need him, but I have to keep saying, "Not yet."

I did explain that today I have to finish the hallway mudding and the patching around the rest of the room; while I'm doing that, he could pull the toilet out of the toilet stall and remove the baseboards in preparation for painting and tiling. Hmm -- I may tape the doorway and cut in the ceiling first thing this afternoon so that he can start painting in there while I mud the rest of the bath.

Oh, and then he goes to Atlanta tomorrow for three days. His managers have such good timing.