Yeah, you know that whole "no soft drinks" thing?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fuck that noise. I haven't done dick exercise-wise since Monday because I was shattered by the time I got home, and by yesterday I was running on fumes -- exhausted, cold, too tired to be foul-tempered, I couldn't drum up the energy to get a word in edgewise on Archerr's gangbang show, and I barely got through recording Ep 4 of Don't Quit Your Day Job without going nap-naps on the keyboard. It was bad, people

After I crawled into my comforter around 9 PM, conked out for two hours and woke up just wanting to die, I said screw this and had a glass of Diet Coke with Lime. Within an hour, I was up and cheerfully editing the rest of DQYDJ's episode 4, then stayed up until 3 listening to We're Mean Because You're Stupid and the gangbang show. I have had one eight-ounce can of Coke Zero today, and I powered through the day and will be going home to write this evening, just as soon as I give JJ a lot of love because the neurotic sonofabitch has started pulling his leg hair out again from separation anxiety.

Yes, I know caffeine is a drug. Yes, I know I should cut it and artificial sweeteners out of my life. But frankly, this is not the time to do it because I can't afford to turn into a zombie right now.


Walt said...

About once every ten days or so lately, I've had a dream in which I say "fuck it" and go and drink a soda. I had it again last night. I think my sub conscious is trying to tell me something.

Jerry said...

I keep falling off the wagon too. Been putting sweetener in my coffee and tea as well.

Gained four pounds back.


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