No, I'm not dead

Thursday, May 29, 2008

And I have been walking, although not that regularly -- however, I HAVE been busting a move cleaning the joint in preparation for an incoming houseguest, so Mellie has been exercising.

I'm also freaking out the tiniest bit, because I've lost 3 pounds over the last three days. This is freaking me out because I KNOW from past experience that this is when I sabotage myself by thinking, "Okay, how can we increase this? What can I do to make it go even faster? Should I reduce my calories even more? Drink gallons of water? WHAT?" I really, REALLY need to stop that particular line of thinking, because it usually explodes in my face.

I do kinda wonder if the change in my eating habits is what's causing the weight loss, however -- I usually have breakfast, then a big lunch around 11:00 AM, then something at night. This week, however, I've been having breakfast, then a midmorning snack (usually a protein bar), then a light lunch at 1:00 PM, then dinner. I know that stringing out his meals like that really helped Lyndon lose weight; I didn't think it would work for me, but maybe I was full of poo. We'll just have to see.

Recent total mileage: 1.9 miles. 491.87 miles to Isengard.