Oh, dear Lord

Friday, May 30, 2008

Four straight hours of cleaning my office, the foyer, the kitchen and living room. Considering that I was drenched in sweat at the end of it, that's got to count for SOMETHING in the way of exercising, right? Especially since my feet felt like they wanted to explode and my bad Achilles tendon was screaming for mercy. Good thing we finally got our medical insurance cards -- now I can go in to the doctor and get that checked out.

Oh, and I was down another pound this morning. Like I said, it's all good and I'm happy, but I really do need to avoid obsessing about it.


Walt said...

And now you're all pooped out and unwilling to clean my house. That's how I read this. Did I read correctly?

(running to find a place to hide before I get bitchslapped.)

Melanie said...

Lessee -- yeah, flights to Albany are still relatively reasonable. Oooh, and I can carry my bo sticks as carryon luggage. You do have catastrophic health insurance, right?